About ID Solar
Id solar is a division within I&D Security Cabling cc which was started 16 years ago. We supply and install various makes of Photovoltaic solar systems, choosing the product best suited for your application and budget. We supply a full range of inverters for grid tied, off grid and hybrid units for those times when the electricity supply is down. Whilst we prefer to supply the brand names like SMA and Victron we can source entry level units should your budget not extend to the higher end. All systems are installed with safety being of utmost importance, therefore fuses, disconnects and other relevant safety devices are installed. All mains power related electrical work is done by a certified electrician and a compliance certificate is issued upon completion. Our electrician is also available to do any other electrical work you may require on your premises. All equipment can be supplied and installed, or supplied only should you wish to do a DIY installation. This can also be done with most of the critical components mounted on a backing plate and pre wired. It is however advisable (and legal) to get a certified electrician to do the final connections in the Distribution Board. We assemble all our battery cables on site, and can make battery cables to your requirements should you be doing a DIY installation. We also supply and install solar borehole pumps. Whilst we are based in Midrand Gauteng, we install in Gauteng and Limpopo.